LOW WAVE RECORDS... embracing the future and the past!

Founded by Songwriter/Producer Stash Hamilton, and based near Toronto (CANADA), Low Wave Records is an independent record label specializing in Artist Development, A&R, Songwriting, and Record Production. Utilizing cutting edge recording technology and networking tools, it is very much a product of the digital age. As old paradigms are displaced, and new rules written, Low Wave Records strives to remain visionary, both in outlook and execution.

Conversely, in a nod to the past, Low Wave Records embraces the old-fashioned notion that a record should be built from the 'song up'... and an album listened to, from the 'top down'. (One has only to compare the album charts of the classic rock era to those of recent years to appreciate the degree of change in the musical zeitgeist.)

A distinguishing (and somewhat unique) feature of Low Wave Records, is that it mostly operates on a throwback 'Artist & Repertoire' model, assigning original material (composed and produced in-house) to its roster of artists. Best exemplified by Motown Records, this arrangement fosters a more consistent standard in a label's musical output.

In the grand tradition of great record labels, past and present, Low Wave Records seeks to connect Listener with Song... traveling together on a musical adventure, wherever it may lead.

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